Do You Have Hair Loss? Consider Hair Transplant In Siliguri

Do You Have Hair Loss? Consider Hair Transplant In Siliguri


Hair loss is a problem that mostly occurs in men and leads to baldness. The reasons for hair fall are many but in general, when new hair doesn't replace the hair it started falling out. In the latest research, it is said that 31.81% of people typically lose 50 to 100 hairs a day unnoticed. It can be temporary or permanent.

Hair loss can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, imbalanced food habits, or aging. If hair loss is a nightmare for you, you can discuss with your doctor the cause of your hair loss and go for the best treatment options such as a hair transplant in Siliguri.

What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

There are many reasons for hair fall, but these are the most dominating reasons for fast hair fall.


One of the most common and primary causes of hair loss is a hereditary condition. It generally comes with aging. Whether you are male or female, this occurs gradually and you will start seeing bald spots on your scalp. By consulting a doctor you can overcome this situation.


Stress, anxiety, and depression are the common reasons for every young adult these days. Whether it’s school, college, or office work, relationship problems, or other career struggles, many young adults are suffocated especially with stress and depression and as a result, they lose their health as your body is unable to receive good nutrition and it impacts your health.

Relieving stress not only affects your hair but also affects your other health conditions. To promote your health and hair you can consult with a doctor.

Imbalanced Food Habits

Food habits can often disturb your health and invite many diseases. Hair loss is one of the critical diseases that can damage your overall appearance. Taking fast foods, oily and spicy food can damage your liver function gradually and you may suffer from hair loss.

Those who have strong immunity also have a good digestion system that helps food digest. Check your food habits and to get help, you can consult with a plastic surgeon and go for hair transplant surgery.

Hormonal Changes

Another reason for hair loss is hormonal changes. It can occur due to pregnancy, after childbirth, during menopause, and having thyroid problems. It can be temporary or permanent. By consulting a doctor you can improve your health condition and prevent hair loss.

But if in case you see hair loss is severe, you can take an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss your hair loss problems and go for hair transplant surgery.

Radiation Therapy

Those who are cancer affected and or take radiation therapy may not grow back the same hair as it was before naturally, but after cancer treatment, if you want to improve your outer appearance, you can go for a hair transplant in Siliguri.

Today, medical science has improved miraculously and the data shows up the results. Decade ago there was a concept that only VIPs, and or high personalities such as actresses, actors, and other public figures, go for hair transplants for a transparent outlook. But the old concept has been wiped out as hair transplant is for everyone today who wants to improve their physical outlook and appearance.

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