Strategy for Hair Maintenance and Hair Replacement

Hair maintenance and replacement strategy for women


Pattern hair loss in both men and women is considered common. This blog targets to make the topic clear enough for the readers who are looking for strategies for hair maintenance and replacement in women. Androgenetic alopecia, that is female pattern hair loss is almost similar to male pattern hair loss. Medical studies include heredity is responsible for androgenetic alopecia, which becomes more normal after menopause. And this is also clear hormones too influence the female pattern of baldness. See a cosmetic surgeon if you’re planning to receive exclusive hair care treatments. Contact Dr. Amit Kr Choudhary for the treatment of hair transplant in Siliguri


Hair maintenance and replacement strategy for women:

Hair replacement is a type of cosmetic surgery that involves hair grafting, flap rotation, or tightening including standard grafts, mini grafts, micrografts, scalp-lifting, scalp flaps, scalp reduction, tissue expanders.


The hair replacement system has come a long way, an exceptionally thin artificial layer (skin) is attentively moulded to the vacant area of the scalp.

It looks natural like the rest of your hair, from swimming, weight lift, prolonged exercise to any strenuous activity, you will be free to perform. Additionally, this new hair is ready to get dyed, style and cut as you’ve wished for.


Women should learn now, what are those strategies they must follow to take proper care of the new hair. Good maintenance ensures a long-lasting, permanent result.

  • Hairwash: although it looks natural, yet the maintenance should be a bit more sensitive. That suggests do not scrub or wash the hair roughly, here you need to be more gentle on it.
  • The first tip is to moisture them, you can apply olive oil, spread and massage gently on your hair. use a bristle brush rather than using regular ones.
  • In a spray bottle pour an equal amount of shampoo and water, mix them thoroughly, this procedure help shampoo watered down. Now it becomes easier to apply to your hair, does not require heavy circulation.
  • Keep a minimum distance from the grafted area while spraying the solution, otherwise, it can irritate the scalp. Plus, do not overspray, which becomes more time-consuming at the same time impacts the appearance
  • Note, never rub the solution into the hair system. Because it deliberately tangles and affects the hair.
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water, avoid hot water that can detach the hair system. Remember, there should not be any residue of the shampoo, that can trigger itching.
  • Apply the adhesive remover onto the edge section of your hair and left for 3 minutes, it makes the way easier to remove the residue. Pull the hair system from the backside to the frontside.
  • Dip the hair system into a container that can bear both the warm water and the liquid solvent. It takes about a maximum of 20 minutes to clear out extra residue.

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