A Complete Solution To Rhinoplasty

A Complete Solution To Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to transform the shape of your nose. The reason for rhinoplasty is to change your appearance or refine your breathing trouble. The upper portion of the nose is built with bone and the lower portion is built with cartilage.

Rhinoplasty can transform bone, skin, and cartilage setting according to your requirement. If you are decided to go for rhinoplasty surgery in Siliguri, your cosmetic surgeon will help you build up a plan that is 100% perfect for you to fulfill your desired purpose.

Rhinoplasty: Causes

Rhinoplasty can transform your nose by its shape or size or area segmentation. Rhinoplasty surgery is done to rectify birth defects, treat an injury, or curing from breathing trouble.

Rhinoplasty: Diagnosis

Before deciding on rhinoplasty you have to consult a plastic surgeon. The doctor will examine your health and then determines how the surgery will impact you.

At first, the surgeon asks you about your aim behind rhinoplasty surgery. After discussion, the plastic surgeon will check if any nasal blockage, bleeding, or previous nose surgery history exists.

If you are a patient of hemophilia then you are not allowed to do rhinoplasty surgery. Your physician does a physical exam to learn the facial features, the inside and outside structure of the nose.

Your healthcare professional captures some of the images of your nose from different angles. Your cosmetic surgeon will change the nose from your images and show you whether it is meet your aim. The surgeon will discuss in detail the surgery with the changes along with the current image.

Rhinoplasty: Treatment

Rhinoplasty is done on your anatomy and the aim of treatment. During surgery, your health care provider anesthesia you with a sedative. This surgery may be performed through the nose or create a small incision in the cartilage area.

Your plastic surgeon skillfully adjusts the bone and cartilage area in between nostrils. The changes in bone or cartilage area are done in several ways. For small changes, an inside is built from nose to ear.

For large changes, cartilage is taken from the rib and replaced in the nostril section. The bent or curved spectrum is rectified by surgery to cure breathing trouble.

After completion of the surgery, you are taken to a restroom. You will be observed by the medical team there. On the next day, you will be released from the hospital.

Minor changes even a few millimeters of nose changes make a huge get-up change for you. No doubt, like other surgeries, this surgery also has some risks too. Before deciding on rhinoplasty in Siliguri you must learn about the pros and cons of this surgery from your cosmetic surgeon.

Sometimes, a rhinoplasty surgery with a minor nose shape change requires additional surgery. However, follow-up surgery cannot be possible before one year. Therefore, before making any decision on rhinoplasty you must discuss it with your plastic surgeon.

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