Why Cosmetic Surgeons Draw on Patients Before Surgery

Why Cosmetic Surgeons Draw on Patients Before Surgery


This is an often askedquestion by individuals. Simply put, your cosmetic surgeon makes marks on your body to prepare you for the surgery and highlight the area where it will be executed. Marking helps a surgeon to identify the surgical areas such as incision areas, areas to be eluded and altered, etc. Are you looking for an inventive and aesthetic look through cosmetic surgery for yourself or your loved ones? Visit Dr. Amit Kr Choudhary, MBBS, MS, M.Ch, and Board-certified plastic and cosmetic Surgeon in Siliguri.

Table of contents:

  • Is that a permanent marker?
  •  The top 5 reasons for marking before surgery

Is that a permanent marker?

This is a common inquiry of hundreds of patients. The answer is apparently yes. As your skin never stops renewing, the spotted areas will go away eventually. Moreover, the solution used by the specialist during the practice of cosmetic surgery will help the pen marks fade away. It may last for a few weeks or months after the surgery.

The top 5 reasons for marking before surgery

As you got to learn about the marking, now let’s shed some light on its importance:

  • Markings aid the treatment plan:  pre-op drawing is very essential before surgery, it enables the surgeon to know their patients well and allows them to follow the right procedures for the surgery. Drawing is also important for other kinds of liposuction practices like micro-lipo is a unique procedure to target the delicate areas of the body. Discussion with the patients while marking their targeted areas helps avoid all the confusion regarding surgery. It maintains accuracy while executing the surgery.
  • Marking helps the surgeon examine all the angles correctly: drawing on patients helps a surgeon defy gravity. Marking while the individual is standing, not only comforts the patient but also allows the surgeon to work around gravity.
  • Drawing makes symmetry: A surgeon uses local anesthetics for eliminating pain or discomfort during the medical practice. Also reduces the risk of bleeding during and after cosmetic surgery.
  • Using a pen mark is essential for concealing the scars: your surgeon will conceal the scar area by using pen marking. With the help of Brachioplasty, the scar gets restricted between the bends of the front and back of your armpits, which helps the surgeon to spot the area where your arm touches the skin folds, front and back as well.
  • Marking aids in visualizing: marking on patients before performing a surgery severs as a visual tool that guides the surgeon throughout the procedure.

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