Face Lift Surgery - Do’s and Don'ts

Face Lift Surgery - Do’s and Don'ts


Are you thinking about getting a facelift? Then, you might be concerned about the recovery time and how to prepare for it. When you know what you need to do and what you don’t need to do during your facelift recovery, that will help you have a positive post-operative experience.

After a facelift, you can expect to recover in 4 to 6 weeks. However, mild residual swelling, itching, numbness, tightness, etc. that you may experience during a recovery phase. You can resume your normal activities after a one-month postoperative period or as your cosmetic surgeon recommends. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon in Siliguri for optimum facelift facilities.

Let’s learn about the do's and don'ts of facelift operations for men and women:


  • After your facelift surgery, you must have round-the-clock care for at least the first 24 hours. Get driving assistance to appointments. You need someone who can prepare food, look after daily house chores, etc. It will benefit your facelift healing. Speak to the top cosmetic surgeon doctors in Siliguri, West Bengal.
  • You must keep your face from the sun for at least a few weeks while you recover after a facelift. In case, you have to go outside, wear a scarf, a thick hat, or dark sunglasses to cover the surgical sites. To avoid irritation, do not use sunscreen or other lotions on your face.
  • When you're recovering from a facelift, drink plenty of water and consume healthful foods. Take care of hydration that keeps your skin appearing youthful and helps to prevent deep creases and wrinkles as you age.Have soft foods, such as smoothies, soups. These food choices help you feel more comfortable after a facelift. Because they put less strain on your mouth and jaw.
  • Most patients who receive a facelift may require at least two to three weeks to resume their regular tasks at home and work. However, it is best to keep from strenuous activities during recovery. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon in Siliguri for all-inclusive facilities.


  • To avoid irritations in surgical areas, avoid using makeup for at least two weeks. In fact, any cosmetics you use on your face must be approved by your plastic surgeon.
  • Activities that submerge your face in the water, such as swimming can affect your healing. Also, it can put pressure on your face.
  • Avoid vigorous activities or workouts for at least a few days following the surgery. These activities may cause pain or discomfort while performing or cause injury to your face or body.
  • Get lots of rest to boost the recovery process after any cosmetic treatment. Quality sleep is vital here. Before a facelift, you should plan to sleep with your head elevated. It will keep you from swelling while sleeping.
  • Avoid washing and using hair products for several days following your facelift. Soaps, shampoos, hairdryers, curling irons, hairspray, and other hair care products can irritate the sutures.

Facelift surgery can completely improve your appearance and boost your confidence. By following the do's and avoiding the don'ts listed above, you may get promising results. Listen to expert recommendations for optimum outcomes.

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