Most Common Areas Where Plastic Surgeons Do Fat Transfers

Most Common Areas Where Plastic Surgeons Do Fat Transfers


Fat grafting or fat transfer is a less invasive cosmetic surgery. In fat transfer surgery, doctors take fats from a different part of your body to inject them into a desired part of your body. These parts can be your lips, buttocks, belly, hips, etc. It is an effective cosmetic procedure when performed by a trained, board-certified plastic cosmetic surgeon. For successful fat grafting in Siliguri, consult a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

Who are The Ideal Candidates for Fat Transfers?

You are an ideal candidate for fat grafting if you:

  • Have a stable weight
  • Have overall good health
  • Don’t smoke
  • Can quit smoking
  • Have enough fat on your body, especially in hip or buttocks
  • Have realistic expectations

What are The Most Common Areas in The Body to Perform Fat Transfers?

Basically, fat transfers give permanent results. However, you may need several sessions based on your desired volume.


Fat grafting can be done after mastectomy (a surgery to remove the entire breast). This minimally invasive surgery helps restore the breast appearance to some extent. Also, this procedure is helpful if you want to enhance your breast appearance.


Facial fat transfers have become a popular cosmetic procedure. Fats injected into hollow or uneven areas in the face help your face look fuller. You can use it on your cheek, and chin. 


Hands rejuvenation with fat transfers is highly effective. The hands lose volume faster than your face with aging. Here, fat transfers can help restore volume to your hands. The procedure reduces the appearance of prominent veins and gives you a more youthful look.


If you want a butt lift, fat transfers can help. Fat transfer to the buttocks can add volume and improve the shape of your buttocks. It tactfully removes fat from one part of the body, like thighs, or hips, and transfers it to the buttocks. Have a fuller and more shapely buttock appearance. Get effective fat grafting in Siliguri from the leading plastic cosmetic surgeon in town.


In lip fat transfers, a cosmetic plastic surgeon removes fat from a different area in your body, such as the stomach. After purifying the fat, the cosmetic surgeon injects it into your lips. Fat transfer to the lips adds volume to the lips. Thereby, enhancing the shape and fullness of your lips.

The procedure of fat transfer uses your own fat. Thus, the results look more natural. Many people undergo fat transfer as an outpatient procedure. That means you can go back home on the same day of the fat grafting procedure. Make sure you follow expert guidelines to get optimal recovery. You may resume your daily activities within one or two weeks. However, you might need more time based on the type of surgery you receive.

Talk to your cosmetic plastic surgeon today. Doctors will provide you with proper guidance that suits your well-being.

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