Visit A Cosmetic Surgeon For A Successful Facelift Surgery

Visit A Cosmetic Surgeon For A Successful Facelift Surgery


Your face is the most beautiful part of the body that visually makes an impression on the outer world. A good-looking charm is always appraisable. But your life is bound by time and as you get older, the skin and tissues lose their elasticity naturally and you seem much older than actual. This can lead you to sag and face wrinkles.

But you don't have to worry because with a facelift you can improve the visual signs of your facial areas including the face. Consult a cosmetic surgeon in Siliguri today for a comprehensive facial restoration and improvement. It can also help to loose skin and extra fat in your cheek, jaw, and neck.

About Facelift Surgery

A facelift is a common cosmetic surgery that is medically known as rhytidectomy. The primary purpose of this surgical procedure is to improve your face aging signs by repositioning or by removing skin, fat, or muscle.

What Are The Type Of Facelift Surgery?

Generally, there are several types of facelift surgery that are used as specific terms according to the individual goal of a person.

  • Traditional Facelift –a common and general surgical procedure that is generally recommended for people who want to improve facial aging
  • Mini Facelift –is a modified facelift that focuses on the loose skin around the neck and jawline
  • Mid Facelift –is another version of cheek facelift that focuses to rectify cheeks and nose
  • Non-surgical Facelift –is a non-surgical procedure that focuses on skin aging, wrinkles, and the face
  • SMAS facelift –is known as a superficial musculoaponeurotic system, that tightens the muscle in your cheeks and face
  • Deep plane facelift –is a single unit surgery that addresses multiple areas of your face at the same time

Related Facelift Surgery That Might Need For Improvement

  • Facial implants
  • Browlift
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Injectable facelift
  • Jawline rejuvenation
  • Laser skin resurfacing

Does Consultation Mandatory For Facelift Surgery?

For any kind of treatments and surgical procedure, medical consultation with your doctor or surgeon is important to understand the signs, symptoms, causes, risks, treatments, costs, and recovery procedure including side effects and benefits.

A consultation is a medical discussion about the condition or disease and how to get relief from that problem or condition on a permanent basis. During the consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will ask you the following such as:

  • Your family medical history
  • Any ongoing medical condition you have
  • Your ongoing or previous medications
  • Your smoking and drinking habits
  • Your surgical goals
  • Any alternatives to facelift surgery

How It Works?

One thing to understand is that cosmetic surgery cannot stop or change your appearance from the aging process on a permanent basis. It is an individualized restorative surgery that totally depends on each person's face goals.

But you must know that facelift doesn't include brow or eye lift but platysmaplasty or so-called neck lift is often done as part of a face-lift to adjust your neck along with your face.

During a facelift, your plastic surgeon in Siliguri repositions the tissue under the skin to smoothen and tighten the facial skin and also to remove excess skin that is visually not adjusted to your face.

But most importantly, a person can go for facelift surgery who is healthy and out of any underlying medical conditions, does not smoke or drink, and has a point of realistic expectations of surgery instead of casual showing.

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