Visit A Plastic Surgeon To Know How Tummy Tuck Can Improve Your Abdomen

Visit A Plastic Surgeon To Know How Tummy Tuck Can Improve Your Abdomen


A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps you to improve the overall appearance of your abdomen. During this procedure, the excess skin and fat are removed from your abdomen and tightened the connective tissue with surgical sutures. The remaining skin is then repositioned for a toned appearance.

In case if you want to remove the excess fat or skin around the area of your belly button, you can simply contact a plastic surgeon in Siliguri. Remember, a tummy tuck can also affect your body's appearance and boost your physical image.

Sometimes due to significant changes in weight, pregnancy, abdominal surgery, aging, or by your natural body type you might have experience excess fat or feel poor elasticity of the skin in your abdomen. To improve your abdomen in a proper shape you can visit your nearby plastic surgeon and discuss your conditions for improvement.

You might have a clear concept that a tummy tuck is unable to correct stretch marks outside of the abdomen area but can simply remove stretch marks and excess skin in the lower abdomen area. There is no surprise that this procedure can also be done in combination with breast surgery.

But there are some conditions when tummy tuck might be a caution for you if you are a smoker and planning to lose a significant amount of weight might consider future pregnancy, have heart disease or diabetes, and a body mass index that's greater than 30 or had any previous abdominal surgery that caused significant scar tissue.

Important Steps To Follow Before Tummy Tuck Procedure

  • Maintain a stable weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid certain medications
  • Take medication to prevent complications

During your visit, your plastic surgeon will review your medical history and might ask some detailed questions about your weight gain and loss. Next, your surgeon might look for the images of your abdomen to determine the best treatment options. Finally, you might share your specific need for doing tummy tuck.

Make sure you put a note down to discuss all the risks, benefits, limitations, and side effects related to the tummy tuck procedure. Before getting started the tummy tuck procedure, general anesthesia has been introduced, so that you will be either completely unconscious or are unable to feel pain.

Apart from that, you might be given an antibiotic to prevent infection and a pain-relieving medication has also been given sometimes as per your condition.

Sometimes, medications, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are not enough to improve the overall bodily appearance, in that cases you can go for aesthetic surgery in Siliguri to consult with your doctor about the chances of improvements.

Generally, a tummy tuck takes about two to three hours and if you are able to maintain a stable weight it can result in long lasting effects.

By using a tummy tuck you will be able to remove the burden of the excess skin and fat and also strengthen your abdominal wall that giving your abdomen a more toned and slimmer appearance.

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