Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation In Siliguri

A chin augmentation or chin implant is a plastic surgical procedure that helps to enhance and reconstruct the chin. This surgical procedure not only helps to reconstruct your face but also improves your lower face, profile, and jawline. It can also help you align your bite and correct a very long or short chin.

If you are unsatisfied with your current appearance, you can go for chin augmentation in Siliguri by consulting Dr. Amit Kr. Chowdhary, a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience to solve your chin problems. If your chins are not symmetrical or not aligned with the facial features correctly, this surgical procedure can help.

Why Go For Chin Augmentation?

  • A crooked chin on your face
  • Chin length abnormalities
  • Correction of a large chin
  • Correction of a small chin
  • Prognathia
  • Retrogenia
  • The jaw is set too far back

Chin augmentation is a surgery that helps to realign and reshape your chin by cutting a part of your chin bone and repositioning it. It is also associated with birth defects, trauma, or other chin deformities surgeries.

Being an experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Amit Kr. Chowdhary uses special tools that help to reshape your chin in a way so it fits naturally with your facial features. The recovery procedure might take several weeks.

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Chin Augmentation

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If you are not physically active and healthy, or you have a jaw disorder, or jawbone deformity, or your bone growth is incomplete, or you are in a habit of smoking, or you don't have any realistic expectations, then chin augmentation might not be suited for you.

Consult with Dr. Amit Kr. Chowdhary for more details regarding chin augmentation.


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