Dimpleplasty In Siliguri

Dimpleplasty In Siliguri

A dimpleplasty also known as dimple surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is used to create dimples on your cheeks or face. This surgery is not a medical necessity but definitely an optional treatment for those who want to enhance their facial look better and boost their self-appearance.

Usually, it is an outpatient surgery that improves your confidence and self-satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your facial appearance and want to improve, you can consult Dr. Amit Kr. Chowdhary, one of the best board-certified cosmetic surgeons for dimpleplasty in Siliguri.

Most people choose dimple surgery to enhance their look, good luck, and good fortune. Whatever the reason you choose dimple surgery, it is recommended to first consult your plastic surgeon and discuss your medical history to know whether you are eligible for the surgery or not.

If you have any realistic goal, you can definitely discuss it with your cosmetic surgeon so that you will get desired results according to your purposes. Your doctor will provide all the available options that suit your requirement.

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Just be noted that like any other surgery, dimple surgery also has some potential risks. So before, starting dimpleplasty in Siliguri, you must take a conversation with Dr. Amit Kr. Chowdhary about the surgical procedure, estimate costs, side effects, and recovery, and then choose accordingly.

If you want to learn more about dimpleplasty or dimple surgery or have any questions or queries regarding this, please consult with Dr. Amit Kr. Chowdhary at +91 82500 12891.


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