Deciding to go for plastic surgery to treat my scars was the best decision of my life. Thank you Dr. Amit for this wonderful gift.

Wridhhita Chatterjee

Wridhhita Chatterjee, Siliguri

Dr. Amit procedures are nothing short of a magic that gives people their dream body shape. Thank you for helping me getting my confidence back.

Saloni Sengupta

Saloni Sengupta, SIliguri

Dr. Amit Kr Choudhury helped me to survive from the burden of body shaming. His procedures did wonders and today I have a much leaner body.

Kalpesh Mishra

Kalpesh Mishra, Jalpaiguri

Dr. Amit kr Choudhury is the best plastic surgeon in the region. He has helped me to get rid of all the excess fat from my stomach and gave me a youthful appearance.

Rita Kumari

Rita Kumari, Siliguri

I had scars and marks on my hand after an unfortunate accident. But now all are gone after getting treated by Dr. Amit kr Choudhury.  I am very thankful to him.

Nita Agarwal

Nita Agarwal, Siliguri